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The Beaudier Painter : Incandescenc.(2010)
Utimate Amplitude.(2010). Structurellism.
The Beaudier Painter : Timeless gleams.(2010). Structurellism.
The Beaudier Painter: Eternal vibrations.
The Beaudier Painter : Glances. (01.2011)
The Beaudier Painter : Revelation. (2011)
Structurellism of the Beaudier Painter
The Beaudier Painter : Third Eye.(2011).  

The Beaudier Painter. Metamorphosis. Homage To Vincent. (11.2012). 

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The Beaudier Painter. Metamorphosis. Homage To Vincent. (11.2012). Structurellism. 

It is always delicate to reinterpret a known work, especially a painting as popular as the Starry night of Vincent Van Gogh. To copy even with identical is a trade that some realize perfectly. Here it acts more than of re interpretation, it is re writing contrary. To help you to decode the process we put an arrow and a square in bottom and on the right of 2 paintings. Roll over on the square : 2 works are connected automatically. Roll over on the arrow you see the Starry night of Van Gogh, clic on the arrow: Metamorphosis returns. To understand best is to let paintings follow itself. Thus Roll over on the square. All in the Starry night of Van Gogh seeks to aspire the glance of the witness in the painting towards an energy contained in nature. Volutes, spirals, the general movement of work. Conversely all this energy is projected towards you by the painting of the Beaudier Painter. This force is the same one but it is expressed contrary. Van Gogh aspires and absorbs the glance, the Beaudier painter propels and expels. Here it’s easy to understand, Métamorphosis it is what it occurs behind the Starry night from Van Gogh if one put the paintings back at back. Van Gogh aspires our glance in energy and the Beaudier Painter restores it to him. It is not completely the same thing, Beaudier have not only understands Van Gogh as it was seldom understood but in more it prolongs his work… 

The point of view of the witness is located below the swirl or the large spiral in the sky.

Framing is the same one as that of the Starry Night. The spiral is between 2 natural points of interest. 

2 thirds of pictorial space for the sky a third for the ground. 

In the center of the painting is the base of the large swirl, in accordance with the rules of the movement. 

Details : 

Here the reverse of the moon of Van Gogh, this one does not aspire the glance it projects the light.

Nothing is forgotten even the church village is represented.

The star on the right of the cypress does not aspire the glance as at Van Gogh, it projects flows of light. Moreover one distinguishes the profile of Vincent.

Light : The luminous zones are the same ones as in the Starry Night there is this vast river of light which crosses the work of right-hand side on the left. 

Colors : Contrast between hot and cold colors. Contrast between complementary. 

Similars Paintings :

Vincent Van Gogh. The Starry Night. (1889). 

Vincent Van Gogh. Starry Night over the Rhone. (1888). 

The Beaudier Painter. Revelation. (2011).