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Mihai Criste. Surrealist painter. (1975). 

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Mihai Criste Website.

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Mihai Criste is a Rumanian surrealist painter born on October 8th, 1975. 

After studies in a college of visual art and the Academy of visual arts of Cluj-Napoca it took part in exposures and collaborated with publishers to illustrate children's books. In June 2003 it takes part in a surrealist exposure to Denver (Colorado). October 23rd, 2006 it takes part in an exposure organized by ROMHOTEL 2006, to the complex of exposure of ROMEXPO of Bucharest, it exposes 10 surrealist paintings with other young painters, all the paintings are intended for the hotels, the offices and the banks.

Its works often have much humor and the man or his clothing is found in nature, decorated with butterflies or with bodies made up of dead sheets. The time which passes, if fugitive is a reason which returns unceasingly, with birds imitating the hour of a watch or locked up in iron cages. 

An element returns unceasingly, the butterfly. The butterfly and the miracle of its metamorphosis always deeply moved the man, this animal thus became an allegory of its own psychic transformation, giving him the hope to be detached one day from the terrestrial obligations to reach an eternal light. 
the bird when with him represents the thought and the heart and of course it seeks to fly away. If something prevents some it exists a faintness, an evil being. 
By the clock, the alarm clock or the sand glass Mihai Criste seeks to symbolize the time which passes but also the impermanency of all things. We are there to see works but where will be us tomorrow? 

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