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Cézanne. The Way towards the Abstraction.

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Cézanne, a Mountain. 9mn 02 sec.

Analysis of painting the Mountain Holy-Victoire of Cézanne. 
Using the synthesized image, this document proposes a meticulous exploration. 
This graphic investigation and chromatics involve us in the middle 
of the mystery of the emblematic work of the painter.


Author (S): Yves BOUGEARD. 
Université Rennes 2 - CREA 

Yves Bougeard is a French painter. Born in Rennes in 1932, 
he studies at the School of the Art schools of Rennes of 1952 to 1957. 
Between 1962 and 1973, he teaches at the Teacher training school of the Teachers of Rennes. 

He exposes for the first time in 1969 with the Gallery of the Prow in Rennes. From 1973 to 1993, 
he teaches the Visual arts at the University of Rennes 2. From 1973, it multiplies the exposures 
in various galleries of Rennes but also in Paris and Marseilles.

To more find this video on the surface of U, the multi-media platform of diffusion of the university rennes 2

Link :

Paul Cézanne. (1839-1906). 
The Way towards the Abstraction. 8 mn 06 sec. 

Full Screen :

Paul Cézanne represents the Holy Mountain Victoire in 
nearly 80 works, of which the half with the watercolour.

Before this period, Cézanne was a rather realistic figurative painter. 
Look at the Residence of Jas de Bouffan (1878), no short cuts, 
not of reference to the abstraction. 

We gathered all the Holy Victoire available to classify them by date. What in reality 
is impossible the fabrics being in various museums on several continents.

In the first painting one notes the importance of the line. Puiis gradually come the flat tints from colors, 
of geometrical forms then the forms colors… 

The road towards the abstraction is open.

Who looked at Cézanne painter, especially Pissarro, Dufy and Braque. 
It east Braque which then will speak about it in Picasso… 

One knows what will follow. We placed some fabrics of Georges Braque at the end, one finds 
some colors and the shapes of the dwellings. 

Cézanne said: “
I am the primitive one of new Article I will have, I feel it, of the continuators.

But more the nice homage it is Dali who returns it to him while criticizing it: In an interview 
given to Denise Glaser, Salvador Dalí known as of Cézanne: “ T
he worst painter of France 
is called Paul Cézanne, it is most awkward, most catastrophic, that which plunged the modern art in the … which is absorbing us…

It is known that Dali hated the Abstraction him which however 
at the beginning had tried to become a painter cubist ! See here.

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