Pictorial Movements or Styles.

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Luminism in Belgium. The Belgian Luminists Painters.

To understand Victor Vasarely (1906-1997) and the Optical Art.
The relativity explained to the children.

History of the optical illusions in Art.

Street Art and Trompe-l'oeil. The Surrealists of the street.

Natalia Rudzina Artist. Digital Painting

Romanticism: To the Literature at the Painting, to the Old world at the New world....

Where the Fauve Painters colour-blind ?

Test your knowledge over the movements and the periods stylistics.
Thomas Cole and the Hudson River School’s painters.
The impressionist world.
History of Stars in Painting. Art, Sun, Moon and Stars.
To understand the Abstraction or the Abstract art. 
Eugene Chevreul (1786 - 1889) The Chemistry to Art… 
Birth of impressionism and the pointillism.

Bernard Martin Renou,digital painting, Digital painter. 
Bernard Martin Renou. Abstract art. Digital lyric abstraction.
Test color, composition, light.


 The Pre-Raphaelites.


Pop Art

 The Hudson River School

Abstract Art

Informal Art

Naïve Art







Futurism Hyperrealism Impressionism Mannerism Op Art
Pointillism Postimpressionnism Realism Fantastic Realism Rebirth 





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Abstract art, rough art, informal art, naïve art, baroque, classicisme, constructivism, cubism, dadaism, expressionnism, fauvism, futurism, hyperrealism, impressionism, mannerism, Op art, pointillism, postimpressionnism, realism, fantastic realism, rebirth, rococo, romanticism, surrealism, symbolism, each style or movement has its particular characteristics. We have all our or our preferences… or we think of having them.... However it is possible that the work of a painter touches you without are truly fanatic movement to which one generally attaches it. Quite simply because the large Masters evolve during their career and that their style changes. Van Gogh for example during his Dutch period was realistic social, then influenced in Paris by the impressionist some of his works become a model of this style, then in Arles its desire to outrage the color and to break the lines brings it closer to the expressionnists until it finds completely personal a style… Knowing that each artist evolves in a completely specific way to as much look at what it is done in all the styles. A true pictorial art lover must give up the preconceived ideas, keep the open spirit and be interested in all the tendencies…