Great Museums of the World

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The Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao opens its annex in Paris.

East Side Gallery. Berlin.

Guggenheim Museum. Bilbao.

Museum of Fine Arts. 
La Paz. Bolivia.

Museum of Fine Art. Houston.

Getty Center. Los Angeles.

Art Institute of Chicago. De Young Museum. San Francisco. Museum of Fine Art. Boston. Museum of Modern Art. 
New York.


National Gallery of Art. Washington.

National Museum of 
Buenos Aires.
Museum of Modern Art.
Rio de Janeiro.
Picasso Museum. 
Barcelona. Spain.

Tate Gallery. London. British Museum. London. National Museum of Art. Lisbon. Museums of Morocco. 

Museums National of Bardo. Tunisia.  Egyptian Museum. Cairo. Museums of Vatican. Rome. The Sixtine Vault. Rome.

National Museum of Athens. Topkapi Museum. Turkey. 

Museum of Israel. Jerusalem.

Pompidou Center. Paris. 

Neues Museum. Berlin National Museum of New Delhi. Angkor. Kampuchea. The Forbiden City.  Beijing. China.

The Great Wall. China.  National Museum of Arts. Tokyo. National Museum of South Korea. Seoul.  Museum of Gyeongju. South Korea.

Tretiakov Gallery. Moscow. Russia.

Puchkin Museum. Moscow. Russia.

Van Gogh Museum. Amsterdam.


Museum of Louvre (Paris)

Museum of Orsay (Paris)

Museum of Prado

Museum of Montreal

Persian Art.

The Gallery of the Offices (Florence)

The Hermitage (St Petersbourg)

The Metropolitan Museum (NewYork)

National Gallery (London)

The Rijksmuséum

Women Mbuti

Museum of Arts of Chile

Artists of Bangladesh

Museum of Hong Kong

Museum of Kyoto

Gallery of Victoria (Australia) 


Museum of Women in Art

Most visited Art museums in the World.

26 big cities around the world, the night

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Museums of the World.

Here a practically complete panorama of the principal Museums of the world. Certain bonds are direct, other Museums are presented to you. We wished an interface convivial and pleasant and we know that the turning of the bonds suggested of large surprises await you.