Egyptian Museum. Cairo. Egypt.


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Egyptian Museum. Cairo. Egypt. 

Sheltering an exceptional collection of works and objects of old Egypt (more than 120 000 parts), the Egyptian Museum can be proud in particular of its collection of the treasures of the tomb of Toutankhamon. Opened in Boulaq in 1858 then transferred to Gizeh in 1880, the Egyptian Museum was finally established in the Midan district to el-Tahrir of Cairo in 1902. Built by the French architect Marcel Dourgnon, the current building lays out, around a central atrium, of a hundred rooms presenting the collections chronologically, of the dynastic pre time at the Roman period (4000 before J. - C. – IV century after J. - C.).
The Egyptian Museum of Cairo has hundreds of parts coming from tombs, in particular of the sites of the valley of the Kings, Gizeh and Saqqarah. It also preserves a very great number of, busts, sarcophagi, vases, papyruses, weapons, jewels and pieces of furniture funerary.
For the Ancient Empire (2649 - 2152 bef. J. - C.), with famous Geese of Meïdoum (one of very rare testimonys of painting of the Ancient Empire arrived to us) associate many triads and statues of divinities or sovereigns, in particular that polychrome of Rahotep and Néfret, and those, colossal, of Khéphren and Djéser (or Djoser). Concerning the Average Empire (2065-1781 bef. J. - C.), the statue of Mentouhotep II discovered by Howard Casing and the Sphinx of Amménémès III resulting from the excavations of Auguste Mariette belong to the more beautiful pieces.