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Natalia Rudzina. Artist. Digital Painting, Numerical art, Watercolours.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.


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Natalia Rudzina Artist. Digital Painting

Arlette Gagnon. Digital Painting

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Natalia Rudzina. Artist. Digital Painting, Numerical art, Watercolours.
Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

Natalia is born in Minsk, her parents are musicians. Graduate of the Academy of the Art schools in 1977 she much worked for television and exposed in the galleries of Minsk. Educated in the taste of the music it can compose of the works very harmonious and balanced with blazing contrasts. The hot colours answer the cold colours in a pallet very contrasted and which hangs the glance quickly. Natalia brings us in the world of silence, with deepest of the oceans. The fish with the multiple colours, the underwater forms, shells or corals seem to leave our dreams. It is a world which our unconscious knows. The life on ground began there. We know today with certainty that the first forms of life appeared at the bottom of the seas. It seems that the man, in good mammal, has nothing to do with fish, however didn't we spend the first 9 months of our life in liquid in the belly of our mothers? And how do we breathe ? The human embryo, in the first months of its life, passes by all the stages of the life, it is fish then batrachian, it is as if it recapitulated all the stages of the evolution. It is only at the end of 9 months that it can finally breathe with the air. This explains the ease of the babies swimmers who dice the birth can swim naturally because they come from a liquid medium and water cannot frighten them. Our unconscious knows the deep of sea instinctively because it knows that the life comes from the sea. In dream when emerge from the underwater contents we can say that they are powerful contents which evoke our instinctive forces and refer to nature even the unconscious one. This universe is calm, the dominant colours are cold, but sometimes forms of life with the extremely hot colours can cross it. As in works of Natalia Rudzina. Let you carry by this swirl of forms and colours and listen to the picturesque music attentively that Natalia composed for you… 

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