National museum of New Delhi. India. 


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National museum of New Delhi. India. 

The National museum of New Delhi was inaugurated on August 15th, 1949 by Shri R.C. Rajagopalachari, the former governor - general of India. The first part of the building was completed in December 1960 and the second 1989.
The museum contains currently about 200 000 Indian objects of various nature as well as foreign. This bottom covers one period of more than 5 000 years of the Indian cultural asset. The will of the museum is to gather objets d'art of historical, cultural and artistic importance for protection, the conservation, interpretation and research. The museum has many miniature painting which is visions of the world transposed in images coloured on a mini paintings - a piece of paper, of painting, bark, wood or even of ivory or bone, it is one of the most prestigious collections of the Museum. 17 000 works compose the department painting of the museum. Especially of Central Asia. The charm of Indian painting consists of a strange contrast between the size of the painting, hardly a few centimetres length and width, and the hugeness of its topic, the landscapes which it represents of their vastness and their spirituality. The spirit of an Indian miniature is located in its capacity to produce a pleasure transcendantal and to raise of this fact the sight of the matter in an esthetic abstraction.