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The Beaudier Painter : Incandescenc.(2010)

Utimate Amplitude.(2010). Structurellism.

The Beaudier Painter : Timeless gleams.(2010). Structurellism.

Structurellism of the Beaudier Painter

Pierrette Chapus. Nuaison.(2011). Sructurellism.

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Pierrette Chapus. Nuaison.(2011). 

In French the word “ nuaison ” is a nautical term. It expresses the duration of the same wind, of the same state of the atmosphere. Etymologically the root is the word cloud which is a large thick cloud. The bottom of painting evokes the blue of the sky well and the various colors of gray those of clouds but besides the air aspect of the painting there is also by the general form and the elements which are expelled starting from the center a floral aspect which is expressed with force. The artist said to draw his inspiration in nature, and these multiple flowers of color drawn aside starting from the center according to the rules of the movement structurellist of the Beaudier Painter of it are the proof. But this garden is not a garden of interior, the flowers are free, in full wind, moving, they are active and move. They are the movement expanding, like the paramount universe following Big Bang but the expansion and aren't the fundamental laws of nature and the universe? Flowers of the wind is also a title which would be appropriate for the painting. This one is the material proof that a technical position even if it is strict does not limit the field of creation of an author and especially that sounds direction proven of esthetics can always affirm itself. 
Nuaison of Pierrette Chapus just like Re-birth of Virginie Hucher (Virgo Painter) are extremely refined paintings, very quite made up and of a great plastic and decorative value. 

The spectator is in front of the center and on the same level. 

The prospect is central, the perpendicular lines and the obliques move towards the center of the composition. The depth is induced by the various plans.
Sky in background, clouds in the second plan and flowers in the foreground.
The composition is rigorous, it “structure work” but this one remains very air and as moving, it seems to advance towards the eye of the spectator. 

Pictorial space fear being divided into several zones colors. 
Blue is present everywhere it is the prime coat. It has a great spiritual value. The early Christians had chosen blue to symbolize God the Father. The purple one is a color crowned, In the Christian church it is the color carried by the bishops. It is not astonishing to especially find it to the top of work. The author has a high conscience of the divine one. The pink red and it symbolize the life, they evoke the blood which means living it. They express the joy, health, the triumph. They are on the right in the future. Like in bottom in the present with the green, enveloping, calming, refreshing, invigorating, the green is the color of nature, the rebirth and regeneration.
Credit and invigorating the orange present by small keys wakes up the directions, revives the emotions and causes a feeling of wellbeing and good mood.

The center of painting is ambivalent, it evokes at the same time a sun a star or a flower. The 3 symbols can be associated there. But some is what can be expressed it exists always a feeling of bursting. The flowers, elements expelled as well as the guiding lines underline this movement. 

Details : Poppies, petunias, queens daisies of multiple flowers to the very hot colors are isolated to the top, bottom and with dimensions ones. 
The flowers are an extremely positive symbol, they bring their beauty in response to admiration and the care that the human being their spendthrift. They are a bouquet feelings or emotions in itself harmonious. 
Taking into account the other details of the painting here the flowers can be regarded as universal a language kind of humanity towards balance and the harmony. 

If one disregards center of painting by considering only the zones in gray we find in the general lines a map of the world containing the various continents, here Asia and Far East. Nothing of what is produced by the hand of an artist is random, all is guided by the unconscious collective which is the inexhaustible source where it draws his inspiration. 

Here Africa with Madagascar on the right and in top most of Europe. The proportions are respected as well as the spherical shape of planet. 
The continent of North America, connected to Europe (historically it is the case).

Light : The central part is most enlightened. The light decreases gradually in concentric circles. 4 angles of the square which form the painting are the darkest zones. 

Colors : Contrast between hot and cold colors and complementary colors.

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Pierrette Chapus. Lotus. (2011).

Of the Same artist Lotus is also a structurellist painting. An effect of reflection is subtly used so that the diffusion of the colors takes place by the center. The hot colors dominate (yellow, orange, red, purple). The bottom is blue, a cold color it makes violently arose by contrast the hot colors of the foreground. 

Nuaison evokes the general shape of a white flower whose petals deviate from the center. Painting is floral and air with the image of the innumerable flowers to the hot colors and sharp which float in the wind.