History of the Landscape in Painting

History of the Still life in Painting

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History of the self-portrait in painting


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History of the landscape in painting.

Antiquity with Turner while passing by the Middle Ages and the rebirth the landscape was not always a major kind in painting. It him A was necessary to be released from many constraints… the romantic ones are the first to dare to declare " landscape designers proudly " because the painting of landscape is then regarded as the reflection of a major sensitivity. The technical evolutions, painting in the open air, the various styles and tendencies especially support the rise of the kind at the end of the 19th Century when certain " revolutions will occur " which will upset the practices. But especially throughout this course in time we will cross the great painters, proof that the painting of landscape to become a great kind in painting was practised by major artists who often influenced several generations of painters and who deserve a certain admiration still nowadays…