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Destino : The Universe of Dali animated by Disney. 

Fernando Naviskas. Painter of Energy and Painter of the Kingdom

Pablo Picasso. (1881-1973).

Arlette Gagnon. Digital Painting

Warhol - Basquiat. SAMO. The Same Old shit

Natalia Rudzina Artist. Digital Painting

Raoul Dufy. (1877 - 1953).

Louis Comfort Tiffany 1848-1933, stained glasses, vases, lamps. art nouveau.

Jackson Pollock (1912-1956). The unconscious in Action.

George Grie and the Neosurrealism







Rosso Fiorentino Gainsborough Gauguin


Gericault Greco Lorrain Michel-Angel Monet
Morisot Murillo Parmesan Renoir Pontormo
Primatice Raphaël Seurat Sisley Tintoret
Turner Van Gogh Fernande Garay Veronese Vinci
Beaudier Painter Julien Dupre.   Jean Marrie Barre John Constable Thomas Lawrence

John William Waterhouse

Virgo Painter

Vladimir Kush. 
Surrealist painter

Pablo Picasso

Bernard Martin Renou. Abstract art. Digital lyric abstraction.

Rozi Demant. Surrealist painter.

Bernard Martin Renou,digital painting, Digital painter.

Martin Johson Heade Landscapes   Martin Johson Heade Still Lifes    Martin Johson Heade Birds

Bernard Martin Renou. Galactic birds. Abstract art. Digital Painting.
        Women Painters

History of the Women in Painting or the Woman Artists.

Maria Remedios Varo.

Mihai Criste. Surrealist Painter

Bernard Martin Renou. Sidereal fairies. May 2013. Digital Painting.

From Hell.
BMR Digital Painting. Abstract surrealism, 
expressionnism, numerical Art.

BMR Abstract art 2, Contemporary art


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