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Pablo Picasso.  Portrait of Dora Maar. 1937.


Video : 2001 : A Picasso Odyssey.

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Pablo Picasso. Portrait of Dora Maar. 1937. Oil on Canvas.

Henriette Theodora Markovitch, known as Dora Maar (1907-1997) Marie, in 1903, with the Croatian architect of Zagreb, Josip Markovitch. Raised in Buenos Aires it returns to France in 1926, and studies in the workshop of the painter André Lhote. It there meets Cartier-Bresson and becomes acquainted with all the large photographers of the time. It practices New Photography and is very attracted by the surrealist movement. She is during 8 years the muse and the mistress of Pablo Picasso. In spite of their separation, it remains his favorite model. Dora Maar photographs the successive stages of the creation of Guernica, painting that Picasso painted in her workshop of the street of Large-Augustins from May in June 1937. Picasso uses these photographs in its creative process. In parallel, she is the principal model of Picasso which generally represents it in tears, itself carries out several self-portraits entitled the Woman who cries. Its relation with Picasso is completed in 1943, although they are see again episodically until 1946. It is as from years 1980 that Dora Maar painter expresses himself fully in her multiple tables of Luberon, where the wild around its house of Ménerbes, swept landscapes clouds and of wind, reveal with force the fight of an artist to the catches with the memories of the past.
A portrait cubist is not a simple realization. The cubism shows the objects under all its faces, one sees model, which poses here of 3 quarter, the 2 eyes (of different colours) and practically 2 noses. As Picasso uses colours deer and borrows the green of Matisse here, the picture can divert the spectator. Compared to the photographs of Dora Maar one sees that Picasso, which nothing escapes, represents perfectly the oval of the face and the extreme length of the fingers and the nails. 

The model is completely centered on the painting. The point of view of the spectator is located on the mouth and at the end of the nails of the right hand. 

The superior natural points of interests have a relationship with the eyes. 
The lower natural points of interests have a relationship with the reason for clothing. 

Clear and dark spaces.

A vast dark space, the clothes of the model, separates 2 clear spaces made up of the face and the left hand of the subject. 

The picture is dominated by ovals, because of the shape of the face of Dora Maar and the triangles to appear the length of the fingers and the nails.

Details : 

The general shape of the make-up on the cheek evokes an apple.
It is certainly not a chance. 

The green, blue, the bright colors, evoke the painting of Henri Matisse: The Woman with the Hat, 1905, which is the portrait of Mrs. Matisse. 

The photographs show that Picasso hardly exaggerates, Dora Maar had very long fingers and nails.

Light : The light comes from the zones to the hot colours. The face and hands. 

Colours: Contrasts between hot and cold colours.
Contrast between complementary.

Similar Paintings : 

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Paul Cézanne. The Lady in Blue.

Salvador Dali. Picasso.

Here the way in which Dali represents Picasso. A way of saying that the artist nourishes himself of all that he sees.