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Claude Monet

 Claude Monet. Plump Trees In Blossom. (1879). Impressionnism.

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Claude Monet. Plump Trees In Blossom. (1879). Impressionnism.

For Claude Monet 1879 is not a year like the others. It is the year of the death of his wife Camille. He always lives in Argenteuil and settles in Giverny in 1883. The painting consists of a multitude of small dabs of color. (It is especially perceptible with the zoom). Monet adopts here a little the manner of Pissarro. Seen closely the painting has not sence, it is with the distance that the forms take shape. The houses of the village are detached behind the trees in flower and in front of the hill where one distinguishes the pieces by the colors. It is a strong contrast between complementary colors, the green and the orange red which makes the charm of this picture. The composition is balanced and remarkable like often at Monet. 

The point of view of the witness is at the level of the houses. On each sides the trees and their flowers guide the glance towards the center and the village.

The village is on the higher tension field between 2 natural points of interest. On the lower tension field is the plum trees in flower.

In the foreground plum trees, in the second plan the village, the third plan the hill then sky with the background. 

The painting is built according to the 2 large diagonals. In majority the hot lines are oblique, go up, and go either towards the line or towards the left.

Details : 

To represent the pieces of the hill the dabs of Monet are broader and are very coloured.

On the level of the flowers the dabs of colors are small and very fragmented as if Monet adopted the style pointillist of Seurat and Signac.

Even on the level of the village and the houses the dabs remains very fragmented.

The light comes from bottom and the right-hand side.

Colors : Contrast between hot and cold colors. 

Similar Paintings : 

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This version with the cold and darker colors was undoubtedly painted with the operated eye of Monet.