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 Carl Spitzweg. (1808 – 1885) . The Poor Poet. (1839). Réalism, Biedermeier.

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Carl Spitzweg. (1808 – 1885) . The Poor Poet. (1839). Réalism, Biedermeier.

Painter of German Biedermeier Carl Spitzweg likes the original and anecdotic scenes. This picturesque painting represents a writer lengthened on a mattress. With its feather in the mouth and its night-cap it looks at what it wrote and with its right hand it draws sign Zero. It is to say the opinion that it has on its work! Various details : the umbrella to clog the escapes, the cobwebs to the ceiling, its linen which dries in front of the window, these scattered clothes a little everywhere, show that its living conditions are precarious. The piles of manuscripts not published in the foreground leave hear that it does not have any success. However the fabric remains to tend and almost humorous. There one recognizes the work of a former illustrator and caricaturist of press.

The point of view of the witness is located above the character the glance tends to go down. 

The poet is on 3 tension fields and 3 natural point of interest.

Clear and dark spaces occupy each one half of pictorial space.

The painting is built on the large downward diagonal of left on the right. This one expresses the forfeiture and decrepitude. It passes on the window, the hat and the hand of the poet who judges his work.

Details : 

This umbrella serves to protect the poet from the escapes as the roof. It is there since a long moment if one judges some by the cobwebs.

The face and the posture of the character, and even its gesture are comic. 

The manuscripts which trail by ground show the little of success of the poet, the cane, his problems of health. 

Light : The window is the only source of light, it lights the poet and the part in all the directions.

Colors : Harmonize between hot colors.

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