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The Composition.

From which come the force,the power and the beauty of the pictures ? 

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From which come the force,the power and the beauty of the pictures ? 

The attractively capacity of pictures or painting have, their capacity to causes emotions are the fruit of the chance or are laws and rules? 

More the share of the media : Newspapers, TV and even Internet uses the capacity of the images to touch you and yet they explain you nothing… 

It is the opposite step which we adopt here. 

You must know why this gold that which attracts you, moves you and keys you.

Maybe by desire of knowledge, by curiosity, because you are impassioned has professional seeking to renew the experiment with your witnesses or your customers. 
You edge make ravel the images and feel the emotions while supporting one . 

You edge also obtain information and understand why while clicking . 

It is you who choose… 

Good walk ! 

Capacity of the reflexion. 

A symmetrical image is harmonious. These mountains reflecting itself in water induce an effect of mirror. Moreover the blue ones of the sky and water (cold color) contrast agreeably with the central strip of land to the hot colors. In the image there is also another contrast of form between the horizontal one of the bank and the verticals of the trees and the tops of the mountains. The pines ahead plane are a recall of the mountains to far, therefore there is here doubles reflexion and an effect of double mirror. 

Depth of field and walk. 

The eye is guided with far by the length of the alley the more so as the branches of the trees act like a vault transforming the way into a kind of corridor. However the eye is also attracted by the hot colors and sharp of the foreground. Consequently this one sails between the bottom of the image and before plan. This transforms this image into an invitation with the walk, the witness can only want to advance. 

In the heart of Nature. 

This flower (macro photography for the specialists) has only one color, the red, which is naturally emphasized by the black induced by space between the petals. The circular form evokes femininity and softness, the prospect is naturally central. The rain or dewdrops point out the life because there is no life without water and they decorate the forms with the flower. An invitation with the voyage in the heart of Nature. 

To seize the interesting detail. 

Sometimes the part is higher than the whole. A simple detail can become enthralling and beautiful. This tree has hundreds of sheets and tens of branches but only one, if it is correctly tallied, can be satisfactory. The principal branch is on the large downward diagonal. The sheets in the foreground are red and contrast highly with the green and the blue of the background. There is a double contrast between complementary colors red and green like orange and blue. These 2 contrasts reinforce the presence of the sheets which seem to want to jump us to the eyes. 

To break monotony.

We have all in our albums photographs, papers or virtual, of the landscapes of skies and water or of the edges of sea. If nothing comes changing from the known forms the interest is less. Here water is peaceful and reflects the sky but especially the stakes bring a new and major element to the image. So much so that they become the central element of the composition. 

Autumn : Harmonize between hot colors. 

Sometimes a picture is not characterized by its composition but by its colors. It is the case here. This subtle harmony between very close hot colors on the chromatic circle does without a too precise framing, its force comes from the subtlety of the harmonize between its multiple natural colors of autumn. 

Colors and movement. 

The cascade in the center brutally comes to share in its medium a composition which could be peaceful. The blue of water contrasts highly with the hot colors of the vegetation. There is also a total contrast between the top of work and the lower part, on the level of the colors but also of the movement. 

The Charm of the End. 

This Ship at the edge of the pit seems close to the end of the world. Moreover it is also the twilight and the end of the day. There is a romantic charm and melancholic person when the things are about to finish. 

Delicate and subtle grace of the range. 

The changes of colors are not always pleasant with the eye. When they occur in a progressive way, all carefully and gradually it is all the image which profits from it. Here it is a question of passing from a purple blue sky in top to the green of the vegetation in the foreground. This is done while passing by the pink, the orange one, the yellow. In photography this image is carried out by the use of a filter in front of the objective but it could also come from the imagination of a painter. 

Good Moment. 

One to lay down sun is not always an image simple to realize. The good moment should be waited. The moment or the reds, the oranges and gilded are with their maximum of intensity to come to contrast with the cold colors of the foreground. This gives us here a landscape worthy of the painters of Hudson River School. 

Immobility of waiting.

These Venetian gondola seems to wait until the fog rises to leave towards the broad one. The force of this picture comes in its suggestion. One imagines the gondoliers upright and the tourists pressing itself to embark… But for the moment time seems as suspended.