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Virgo Painter. Virginie Hucher. Re-birth. (2011). Sructurellism.

Virgo Painter. (Virginie Hucher). The Lucky One. (Nov.2011). 

Virgo Painter.(Virginie Hucher).Prelude.(2009).Surrealism, structurellism. 

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Virgo Painter.(Virginie Hucher).Prelude.(2009).Surrealism, structurellism. 

A surrealist painter has the capacity to transport us in the world of the dream.He is in direct catch with his unconscious and can represent it on the painting, at least certain elements. Virgo is expressed by the abstraction what does not want to say that its language is hermetic, far from there. What do we see ? In bottom on the right an explosion, we will rather say a source, which projects various elements upwards. But also to the bottom of fine roots which will extirpate all this energy of the zones hidden and normally inaccessible of our unconscious. This part of the picture which connects the top and bottom has the shape of a nest. It is the family cocoon without which no balanced construction of the person is possible, it broad, stable although is slightly tormented by its texture which points out really that of the bird's nest. Let us leave of with dimensions for the moment the luminous part high and all that is on the right of this source of colors and forms. And we ask what we see. This is the representation of an acting process : sublimation. Sublimation for the psychoanalysis is the transformation of the goal of an instinctive impulse (sexual or aggressive) by a intellectual or artistic expression. The goal of the impulse is deviated, unlike a neurotic signal it does not mean distresses and culpability, it collaborates in an esthetic, intellectual and social aspiration. Freud opened the way towards this kind of analysis by clarifying the latent content of works as various as Hamlet of Shakespeare, or the Brace of Michel-Angel. To the function liberator of the act of creation is added a narcissistic benefit. To transform our strongest impulses and can be blackest in work of art is a prowess that only the mechanism of sublimation can achieve. The term evokes at the same time the term sublimates, employed in particular in the field them arts to indicate a production suggesting the size, rise, and the term of sublimation used in chemistry to indicate the process which makes pass a body directly of the solid state in a gas state. Now you can look to the top and the line… 
The point of view of the painter and the spectator is a little at the top of the level of the source, of the gushing.

The gushing of left-hand side is on the left vertical tension field close to a natural point of interest. Another irruption, smaller is on the opposed tension field, it also near to a natural point of interest.
The zones with dominant sinks are on the left and in bottom. Clear zones in the center in top and on the right. Sublimation is an illumination of the world of the ideas and thoughts it relates to more the future than the past. On the paiting the past is on the left, the future on the right.
Painting is built on the large ascending diagonal from left to right. A great majority of the full guiding lines or in dotted lines, rise towards the sky. The downward lines must be regarded as roots which draw energy in the unconscious one of the artist. The general form of what is sublimated here evokes a gas plant and cloud. The plant expresses the psychic growth, here it is wrapped of a particular spiritual perfume. The orange vapors evoke the fire whose nature is to radiate and light, fire and the flames are an allegory of the eternal life. As soon as rises towards the sky of the fire of the flames a gas cloud or element the divine one or the divine powers are close. This impression is accentuated by the framed shape of clear spherical lines in top on the right. Especially that in this point the light goes down from the sky. 
Details : 
These emanations which go up towards the sky are thoughts, already transformed sublimated impulses. The shape of the plume evokes a little fumaroles of the volcanic irruptions but a sublimated impulse it is a little that. Force which flies away with grace.
The first source or gushing evokes a volcano with all the power of which it is able. He escapes from it the white vertical lines but also from fire or the lava. This symbol is rather of male type what means that this kind of sublimation depends dune acceptable and gratifying image paternal of male.
The second hearth, a little with the background, evokes a nest by its comfort and the meticulousness of its construction. He escapes from it from fine roots or the tentacles undulating which seem to seek food. This symbol is of female type it represents a suitable and cordial image maternal of female.
This almost cloudy zone releases much light. The general form which is circular evokes the design. On the line the light is ascending what symbolizes ideas and spirituality. On the left the light goes down it then has a close connection with a light of divine origin.
Light : Of the 2 first sources : the volcano and the nest, forms, lines, colors and light tend to rise towards the sky and the world of the ideas. It is the goal of the mechanism of sublimation, to transform instinctive impulses into very elaborate constructions spiritual and here also very esthetic and decorative.
Color : Harmonize between cold colors, of fine contrasts between complementary.

Images similaires.
Eruption of the volcano Mérapi island of Java, Indonesia on May 30th, 2006. 
The process of sublimation is comparable with an volcanic eruption. It is the moment or of violent instinctive forces appear with the free air. Until there they were contained. In front of the painting the artist releases them. It is natural that the forms represented points out the image of an volcanic eruption, which was hidden but active passes to the action and rises in the sky.
Virgo painter: The Disillusioned Forest. (2011). 

The source is this time a butterfly. And the painting much richer color. 
Form rise with order and a great esthetic harmony. 
The artist often represents the process of sublimation, it is the center at the same time outside and inside. 
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Virgo painter. Rebirth. (2011). Structurellism. 

The rules of the structurellism, to align the keys of colors starting from the center which must radiate as a sun obliges Virgo to build its painting and to plan its gesture in advance. It is undoubtedly the first time. Thus the picture is relatively closed, which is never the case in these other works and especially it is circular thus female.
There are strong symbols on the web whose general form and texture evoke a jellyfish, air of the aquatic animals which seems to fly in water and to be driven there as in the air. 4 feathers of bird in each direction and in the center almost isolated like the embryo in the primitive matrix a very useful and delicate animal : a butterfly.
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