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The Projects Van Gogh.

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Vincent. 6mn 23 sec.

A painting of nature moving under the Mediterranean sun. A painting of the interior movement and rough passion. 
For a scenario writer of animation, to see the painting of Vincent Van Gogh suddenly becoming animated, 
it is to see corns quivering, gleams to waver, the light to explode, skies enrager, corbels to pass.
Price Ar Men, Festival of Douarnenez, 1990.
Author (S): University Rennes 2 - High Brittany. Go back to realization : November 7th, 2007.

Réalization : University Rennes 2 - High Brittany

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The Starry Night. Interractive animation. (interactive animation). 
Here a very popular animation on the Web, it has can be inspired the film passion 
Van gogh if it is not the work of the University Rennes 2, on line since 2007. 

Full Screen :

Van Gogh Passion. The Film. 
The film, unrolled with the manner of a table without end, 
is devoted primarily to the last 
month of the life of Vincent Van Gogh. the account is directed towards 
an investigation into the life and the discussed death of the painter, 
commit suicide or assassination?. 

A true technical and artistic prowess with the 
active participation of hundreds of painters in watercolours and painters, 
who give desire for discovering the work and the personality of that which 
remains one of the largest Masters of all times.

The Beaudier Painter, Metamorphosis, Homage to Vincent. 11.2012. 3 mn 46 sec.

Rather than to imitate one can also try to prolong the work of Van Gogh 
like does it here the Beaudier Painter.

We made a video of our job stream file of analysis of the painting of this artist.

We put also the complete file to you below. 

link :

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