Puchkin Museum. Moscow. Russia. 


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Puchkin Museum. Moscow. Russia. 

The Puchkin museum is, to some extent, during museum of the Hermitage of St-Petersburg : smaller, it presents nevertheless beautiful collections of antiquities of various sources, in particular of Egypt, an important series of medieval sculptures originating in German and French churches, and especially in remarkable collections of paintings of the Spanish schools, Dutch, Flemish, Italian and French, in particular of many impressionist paintings and postimpressionists. The various collections of the museum rise at the present time to more than one half-million of pieces. The history of the foundation of the museum goes back to the years 1750 when the idea was launched for the first time of the opening to Moscow of a museum of art where monuments of the classic art would be preserved. This project was later constant by the professors of the University of Moscow. Closely bound by its organization and its activities to the University, the new museum had first of all been designed by Tsvetaïev like an educational establishment of arts.