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Randall and Liza Libby.

 The couple which makes speak the Stones.  

Randall and Liza Libby. The couple which makes speak the Stones. 

It is about the largest world mosaic in the stone of Petoskey. This mosaic is framed, it is of square form and measurement roughly nine feet (9ft.) tall by nine feet (9ft.) a depth of approximately 
4 inches and a weight near 700 lbs.

It represents the chart of the state of Michigan with its 83 counties. 

Hundreds of work hours were necessary to Lisa and Randall Libby to cut the semi-precious stones and to adjust them. 

Residents since their birth in Michigan Randall and Lisa Libby spend their summers to gather the fossil stones of Petoskey, on the shore of the Lake Michigan, in north east, between the towns of Ludington and Mackinaw.

The Lake Michigan east one of the 5 big lakes in the north of the United States, it is located at the center between the lake higher than western north and Lake Huron than the east. 

The stone of Petoskey in edge of the Lake Michigan is regarded as the best to carry out mosaics.

The stones of Petoskey are gathered then crossed, polished and formatted at the hand by Randall and LISA Libby in their studio. Each work is single. 

In addition to charts of Michigan Libby carry out also animals in mosaic, fish, tortoises and butterflies. 


Video : Petoskey, The Purest Michigan. 

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