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Raoul Dufy. (1877 - 1953). An anthem with the life and invitations with happiness. 

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Raoul Dufy. (1877 - 1953). An anthem with the life and invitations with happiness. 

Classified in general with the fawn-coloured painters because one does not know where to classify it, Raoul Dufy has 
is subject to several influences. Until 1905 influenced by Eugene Boudin it paints the seaside. 
When he discovers works of Matisse to the living room of autumn he adheres to the fauvism and his colors 
become bright. With Braque it follows with attention the work of Cézanne which confronts it 
with the problem of space and construction. It tightened cubist one brief moment but there remains attached to 
to reveal the form and the structure in the table. In fact Dufy took the best at each movement. 
The art of the draft and the fluidity of the impressionist drawing, the force of the color of the fauvism and 
the reflection on the composition of the cubists. 
Its pictures are often characterized by broad coloured surfaces and a linear representation. 
There is at his place a separation between the color and the drawing. He explains it by the mechanism of the sight. 
The bodies moving print beaches coloured on the retina while contours are erased more quickly. 
The color persists while the form disappears. At the end of its life it paints paintings where a color dominates. 
Endowed for the drawing which at his place is extremely delicate it is an immense colourist and it has the art 
of the composition. It is undoubtedly one of the artists more under with dimensions of the 20th century although
its paintings like and are often sold several million hundred dollarss. Its work remains ignored enough general public 
nevertheless but its fabrics are true invitations with happiness. This painting: DEPIQUAGE WITH the FAIR SHEAF Estimate: 
40.000/60.000 € is on sale with the biddings on Wednesday, April 2, 2014 - the Impressionist and Modern Art 2 
- Artcurial - Briest-Foal-F.Tajan - 75008 Paris (France).