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Françoise Tolbiac. Red Shoes. (2011).

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Françoise Tolbiac. Red Shoes. (2011). Oil on Canvas : 50 x 50 cm. 

It is portraits which are scenes of kind. Here is precisely one. The term scene of kind was invented by the historians of art to mean: moment of life. This painted young girl of profile opens the door with all imaginary. It is the gift which has certain artists, knowledge to open these doors… One thinks of the mad years, with the paintings of Lautrec, one imagines the front one, after, the feelings of the model, a whole collection of images of the famous imaginary museum of Malraux goes up. The artist fixes nevertheless one exact moment. The young woman has badly at the bottom of to have danced too much and it returns while carrying its red shoes on the shoulder. It seems opposed and to make the pout. Each imagination of each spectator will try to give an answer. The picture has dominant a red, color hot and sensual which is far from being neutral. Its hat its shoes and its dress are trimmed feathers. This has also a significance. Here an living image, a person in action, far from the traditional portrait where the model marks the installation, fixed in eternity. Don’t speak to her ! It will be turned and answered you !
The point of view of the spectator is at the level of the face of the model. Then the eye is attracted by the color the red of the hat of the shoes and the dress. In blue the way of the glance.
The shoes are on the left tension field, between 2 natural points of interest. The face is on one 3rd natural point of interest to the intersection of the right tension field and the higher line.

Empty spaces are with before and with the back of the model. With final full spaces and empty spaces balance.
The picture is built on the rising diagonal which expresses the movement here. The principal guiding lines go upwards. The model is placed on the geometrical center of the painting
Details :
The shoes, the dress, the feathers of the hat are red. The red when it is about clothing is particularly impassioned and aggressive. It is an acting color which means blood and fire. Enough causing it indicates the love when its intensity is attenuated because it is also the color of the sentimental function. Here it is ready with the action, but the feeling often arises in the form of conquest or of suffering, of total gift but also of distress.
This breast nude with the perfect form means more freedom than debauchery. The desire of living its desires with complete freedom, without prejudices and constraints.
The feathers present a little everywhere refer to the bird which itself in the unconscious one represents the heart of the person. The bird is free of going where he wants and especially to rise towards the skies. Between the red and the feathers work evolves in an allegory of the freedom or a certain lifestyle which is unaware of any constraints.

Light : 
The light comes from the back and the top.

Colors : Harmonize between hot colors.
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