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Robin Protz. 

Holographics sculptures.

Robin Protz. Holographics sculptures.

Robin Protz has lived 25 years in Europe where she worked for the industry of the mode.

After the events of September 11th it wanted to live in the USA, the country where it was born. 
It is in Munich that Robin started to be interested in the mobiles for buildings. 

For it empty and open ascending spaces reveal a lack and a need. 
It is as if he shouted so that its imagination and its work give them a personality.

During its first year in the USA it explores new forms and novel ideas to decorate open spaces. The linear mobiles were first objects it used. Following a minor disease Robin was in liaison with children who fought cancer and who underwent chemotherapy and the rays. It felt the need for offering to the hospital which helps these children a gift so that those forget a little their personal suffering. 

Work produced and offered was the first of a form of art which it now describes as holographic sculpture. 
This work was named Pegasus. 

Pegasus is built and suspended with an aluminum reinforcement of 8' by 4' This work consists of more than 3200 material parts placed on 998 lines of fluorocarbon. The ethereal beauty of work is revealed when it is moving. The idea of a suspended static head, a sculpture in skin is then identified. 

This work was carried out to be offered to the medical center of the children of Connecticut. 
It has was necessary 8 months so that the various committees of this hospital accept the gift. The payments of the hospital were changed to be able to accept the work of an adult. This made it possible other artists to also offer their work in gift.

The linear mobiles of Robin are built on 1 inch public garden aluminum tube. There are flat arms out of aluminum, suspended with intervals regular along a central arm. According to the wished action, they are connected directly or indirectly to their counterparts on each side. 

Once there is something which hangs at the end of each arm, the effect of the displacement of only one part creates a reaction on the side opposite of the arm and as each part is related to the arm at its side this also creates a reaction along the side which is lit. The holographic sculptures are carried out on a horizontally suspended grid of 1/4 inch. Forms are fixed on the grid, they can be moved vertically on each line and by the addition of much of lines, the forms repeat and represent an idea. 

Robin carves space using his grid of suspension which invisible or is ignored. 
Each aspect of the sculpture can be changed constantly and, for this reason, the sculpture is not complete to its final installation. It should be noted that these mobiles or sculptures can travel with their own system of support, in the form of a pergola of interior, allowing an exposure in any place without need for physically attaching work to the building.

2015 - "Seasons" .

Work “Season” is a tree which hypnotizes the spectators by revealing the various seasons of the tree. This tree in 3D astounds the spectators, it shines and scintillates on all the sides. While walking around the tree the spectator discovers every season represented by various combinations of colours, ornaments and decorations. He sees the rain falling in spring, the sheets in autumn and the snowflakes in winter. 

The tree is built with more than 1.000 pieces of coloured materials suspended on lines of fluorocarbon. The lines are attached to the grids which are hung in a pergola. To design work, to collect and prepare materials and finally to carve the tree in entirety it has took more than one year of work. 
We forgot all the child who we were. Instead of maintaining the marvellous individual that we were we gave up and, by the negligence, our imagination it is atrophied. 

Robin Protz regards himself as conveys it by whom part of this lost world becomes again accessible. Works which it produces make it possible to remember our dreams in these moments of childhood where something the marvellous one was possible. The pieces produced say
" Remember when you dreamed ? When anything was possible ? " The art form discovered allows us respite from the "real" world. It is an escape to the acknowledgement of what " could be " and " is " if we open ourselves to ' all that is '.

This capacity is what separates us from all the other creatures. The capacity to remember, to remember and contemplate our dreams enables us to have hopes, to communicate and change the world around us. The artists accept the need for the invisible universes and use their energy and their capacity to open passages, thus the individuals escape and open with the beauty life like a gift.

The Dragon.

Carried out in 18 months the Dragon scintillates marvelously as if it were entirely out of gold. 
The gold plastic and buttons which constitute it found, were bought and matched. 

This had to be repeated as often as the food of a dragon baby would require it because Robin continued to develop the dragon until it feels that work was complete. It is a very refined and well defined sculpture. The claws are made various white nuances. “ The coloured plastic crystals ” are added to the nuances of the face and the toes. This part must be examined upwards. 

The dragon has its own system of support in the form of a pergola of interior. a 13' by 18' footprint with inside measure for sculpture of 11' by 16'. The size can be modified.

In the beginning the dragon was built with the memory of a classmate who died of cancer at the 16 years age. This part represents the beauty of the imagination of a child. 

The dragons are famous for the gold which they pile up and protect. 

This colour gold indicates that the dragon protects something from very important.

Birth of a dream.

This work represents a nativity. 

Charity is the mother and the hope, Pegasus baby, which is held under its protective wing. 

Each one extends to meet the other for the first time. Charity was carried out with elements constituting of the radiators. The hope is built with clear pearls and the wings with gutters of radiators. 

The perception of this work is influenced by its lighting. 

The coloured lights reflect the dimension of the dream while the white lights give a definition in relief.

Robin Protz. Art Prize 2013. Top 10. Myth or Logic.

Myth or logic.

Realized 100% in bamboo subjected to a heat treatment, cut, sandpapered and drilled with the hand, this work express the self-confidence. The masculinity of the bamboo, in the form of multiple cylinders, allows clean any space where work is present to be amplified by its beauty. This piece has a transportable support system measuring 14' by 18' with a total height of 9 1/2-10 feet. It can travel and exhibit without imposing on its exhibit space for anything more than electricity.

Interview: Top 10 artist Robin Protz. Myth or logic.


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