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Salvador Dali : The temptation of St Anthony. (1946).

Rozi Demant. Surrealist painter. 

One remembers that in the temptation of St Antony Salvador Dali had perched the procession of the church, the lust and all temptations at the top of elephants, horses and animals to the fine and long legs. (Image above). Taking again to the same principle the Surrealist artist of News Zealand Rozi Demant make the same thing with the image of the woman and can be also with itsel. The young women, often in procession, or 3, (this 3 is symbolic) , walk very to the top of the level of the ground. These long and fine legs make of them beings which seem fragile and strange but nevertheless poetic and melancholic persons. Certain elements and certain reasons return : the bird, the cage, the tree with the inaccessible pinks. The fact of perching a character in height represents an aspiration of this one symbolically. These women with very sensual appearance seek to achieve a goal, an ideal without reaching inevitably that point easily. The reasons of the cage and the bird which flies away refer to the female condition, with the aspirations of freedom and purity since all this is held in the airs. The being is prisoner here on ground and even if this world is imaginary there remains also inaccessible and this gives a romantic dimension to the paintings. The 3 which we said it is symbolic system evokes the destiny, the 3 park who cut the wire of the life in mythology, the religious Holy Trinity make that one cannot regard works as light, even if the artist lets burst all his imagination here. The cat-like women are a fine allusion to the female sensuality and their me deep which often is close to the cat-like one. The flowers, often of the pinks, symbols of balance and harmony and plenitude of the feelings are often out of reach. It is a romantic ideal, an impossible love, magnified, excited, can be impossible because too idealized. The goal of these women who make swing, which dances or makes music is to fly away like the birds and it is the terrestrial cage which prevents them. Cages that often they transport with them. All these paintings are an allegory with freedom and the feelings. The most recent works are Self portraits and it seems that the artist is leaning towards introspection. This manner of plunging itself in its unconscious personnel allows like made the fantastic realistic painters exorcize and represent the problems. The artist remains discrete on his work, not wanting to deliver to elements deprived on a work extremely rich, poetic, melancholic and personal. The website: is to be visited without moderation.