National Museum of South Korea. Seoul. 


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National Museum of South Korea. Seoul. 

The National museum of South Korea is on a site of 307 227 m ² 
(45.438 m ² for the building). Located in Yongsan, the geographical heart of Seoul, it is the true arts center of the city. The new museum, with its modern equipment, attracted more than 100.000 visitors the first 3 days after its reopening, 1 million after 44 days and 10 million the 3 years and half-following. In 2009, the National museum of South Korea was visited by 2.730.204 people and a little more than three million in 2012. It is the museum more visited of Asia and the 10th in the world. More than 12.000 works are exposed there in 6 various sections. The visitors can admire there amongst other things, thoughtful Bodhisattva, Korean national treasure, the up to date burner of Celadon de Goryeo, the pagoda of the Ten-History and the gold crown of Silla.