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Test Pictorial movements and Styles. 

Test colour, composition, light.

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Test Pictorial movements and Styles. 
Test your knowledge over the movements and the periods stylistics. Rebirth, Mannerism, Baroque, Classicism, Realism, Art nouveau, Art déco you do not confuse the styles and can recognize them first glance or after reflection. 
20 questions: with you to answer. Your score is posted in bottom as you answer. Come on 
1/ This is a painting : Abstract, Futurist, Cubist. 
2/ This painting belongs to : Structuralism, Fauvism, Structurellism. 
3/ As one refuses to him several painting on the salon of 1855 Gustave Courbet makes build Avenue Montaigne the House of... Impressionism, Realism, Landscape..

4/ Here a painting of Vladimir Kush born on March 29th, 1963 in Moscow. One classifies him with the painters : Oneiric, Fantastic Realist, Surrealist. 
5/ This is a painting : Baroque, Réalist, Classicism.
6/ Click under Synthetic Cubist painting.
7/ A perfect example of : Fantastic Realism, Surrealism, Fantastic. 
8/ Find the Romanticism painting.
9/ This is a painting : 
Of Rebirth. Baroque. Mannerist. 
10/ Where is the poster Art Déco ?
11 / Where is Informal Art ?
12/ This is a painting : Baroque, Mannerist, Realist. 
C'est une peinture chinoise de la dynastie : 

13/ C'est une peinture chinoise de la dynastie : Song, Tang, Yuan. 

14/ Of these 3 impressionist paintings only one was painted by a woman.
15/ This painting is : Classicist, Réalist, Baroque. 
16/ This is : A Constructivist painting of Mondrian. A Suprematist painting of Malévitch. A Optical Art painting of Bridget Riley. 
17 / Find the Suprematist painting.

18 / Which Madonna isn't Rebirth? 
19 / This painting of Pop Art is of : Peter Blake, Andy Warhol, Richard Hamilton.
20/ This painting is : Expressionnism, Fauvism, Naïve Art. 
Results :
Between 0 and 5 : You are a beginner in Art If that really interests you return to the Movements page. Look at initially what you like, follow your tastes. 
Between 5 and 10 : Art attracts you but you do not devote enough time to him. Visit the pages Movements, Painters, and Analysis. 

Between 10 and 15 : You are an enlightened amateur. See the new talents and consult the Analysis regularly. 
Between 15 and 20 : Cheer you are an expert, a painter or a teacher. Art is your passion. Welcome on this Website we have very to satisfy you.