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The Beaudier Painter : Incandescenc.(2010)

Utimate Amplitude.(2010). Structurellism.

Structurellism of the Beaudier Painter

The Beaudier Painter : Timeless gleams.(2010). Structurellism.

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The Beaudier Painter: Timeless gleams. (2010). Sructurellism.

Contrary to Kant who affirms that: “the beautiful one is what likes without concept” Pierre Bourdieu in the love of art writes that: “only that of which one has the concept can like”.
Pierre Francastel in volume 1 of the History of French painting goes much further: 
“The truth of a work is not expressed only through individual values, but through the total validity of a representative system dune time. The large artists did not bequeath us capricious and whimsical universes, but contrary to the imaginary worlds where the concrete experiments their predecessors projected
and of their entourage, at the same time as those of the future were preceded…. ”.
Look at Timeless Lueurs of the Beaudier painter and especially do not think that there are neither laws nor rules and that work does not reflect anything… You shoed a large error… 

The spectator is in against diving, his visual angle is slightly shifted downwards. 

According to the laws of the movement defined by the artist the propagation of the colors and the forms is done starting from the center, here by oblique lines but the visual effect is rather circular. This kind of propagation is used by Vincent in the Starlight night and Munch in the Cry.

There exist 3 zones of colors : the red color of passion, the emotions and the sentimental function, blue the color of the spiritual events and the reflexive function, the yellow color of the intuition and the presentiment. 

Multiple recoveries with before plan of the central element. 
The shapes of the trees located at the center of work are taken again several times at before plan. 
The element in the center since they are trees represent can be a family unit where one identifies 3 or 4 members, some dependant of others not, he aims at organizing himself in forest then. The forest does not have the same significance according to whether one is young or older. A person relatively walls, in the Rodgérien direction of the term (Carl Rogers, the Development of the person, 1966) i.e. whose personality is integrated may find it very beneficial to know what it occurs under wood from unconscious, an important value, an aspect forgotten to be to them can be herself taken refuge there. Nobody whatever the age has the right to remain continuously in the forest, especially if it is dark we should not remain the man of the wood subjected to the forest, pure natural primitive. 

This form refers to that of Ultimate Amplitude. It is still not reassuring especially that it seems to thus develop towards the line towards the past and to take great proportions. 

The center is always source of the obliques which generate the colors and especially blue to the top thus of the spiritual contents. The trees represent a basic family unit. 
It is organized exactly as in the unconscious one of the author.

On before it acts of what was built, on this level there all is better than the vacuum… It seems that he is built 2 times… 

The colors majority is blue it is expelled by the center upwards towards the past and the future. Towards the sky and the thought. The spiritual world is filled up of light, it is extremely positive. 

Color: Contrasts between complementary. 

Harmonize and contrasts the carryforward of the colors used to work out the fabric on the chromatic circle indicates a contrast between complementary colors. Blue and gilded, is complementary colors.