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Dalila Imadalou. Umbrellas at Nyon. (2011).

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Dalila Imadalou. Umbrellas at Nyon. (2011). Watercolour.

Nyon is a Switzerland city located in the canton of Vaud, between Geneva and Lausanne. The city is built on a hill overhanging Right Bank of the lake Léman, to 5 kms of French banks, the city is encircled by the mountains of Haute-Savoie. Nyon has a small pleasant port and a castle dating from the 12th century which shelters the museums of the History and Earthenware. The Notre-Dame church, conceals the vestiges of a Roman pagan sanctuary. The only still intact Roman construction of the city is the César tower, representing the Attis god. The painting represents a street of Nyon one day of rain. The artist plays remarkably of the contrasting effect between hot and cold complementary colors : blue and purple with yellow and orange. Thanks to the watercolour this gives an effect of covered and stormy time, but also a luminous image and melancholic because of the prospect and the subject. These people who move away while sheltering under their umbrellas it is us on the way of the life. One sees the beginning of it but nobody knows the end of it. The scene seems night because the standard lamps are lit. There is no doubt that this work will give you desire for visiting Nyon and Switzerland one of these next days…
The point of view of the spectator is located on the last group of people, the eye is attracted by what is with far, then upwards.
The characters are located on the low tension field meadows of 2 natural points of interest.
The painting is articulated on the horizontal tension fields, in the foreground 2 groups of characters, in the second plan 2 other groups, in the background the sky.
The picture is built on the large downward diagonal. The creepage distances on the ground and in height cross with the background, this attracts the eye towards an indistinguishable distance.
Details : 
The topic of the painting is impressionist but the colors point out the Fauvism. The colors of the characters are not very realistic especially it pink and the orange yellow. These let us tons outraged take part in the general atmosphere of picture.
The lit standard lamps give rise to think that it is of a night scene or beginning of evening.
From right to left the color of the sky passes from blue to the yellow with keys of pink and purple. It expresses well the atmosphere in charge of one day stormy.Les lampadaires produisent une lumière jaune bien caractéristique. La clarté vient aussi du ciel 

Light : 
The standard lamps produce a yellow light characteristic good. Clearness also comes from the sky and is reflected on the wet ground.
Colors : Contrast between complementary colors.
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