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Maria Remedios Varo (1908 - 1963).Surrealist painter.  

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Maria Remedios Varo (1908 - 1963). 

Born in the province from Gijon in Spain it is graduate Academy San Fernando of Madrid. Her father Rodrigo Varo, an intellectual, gave her the taste of the science and the books of adventure. He also encouraged at her a free and independent thought. This explains its astonishing imagination. She travels much, Cadiz, Morocco, Madrid. Discovering other cultures its vision of the world widens. 
Fleeing the Spanish civil war it goes to Paris where it discovers the Surrealist movement. Its first husband Gerardo Lizarraga is painter, its second husband Peret youngest child is a Surrealist poet. Stopped by the Nazis in France she flees in Mexico. She takes as a starting point Diego Rivera. The female surrealist painters all were denied, badly considered even rejected by their male counterparts. In reaction, in his work, one finds women isolated and sad, confined in somewhat sordid places. It is its very feminist manner to answer the injustices of the world of Article Certains artists find the universe of Remedios Varo rather perturbing. This one is very rich and complex, it likes the unexpected juxtapositions, mysticism, the magic one, the Gothic decorations or of the Middle Ages. Its characters often have large eyes, an aquiline nose, their face is in the shape of heart, they resemble headstocks or characters of cartoons. 
She likes the mythical creatures, alchemy, the misty movements and the utopian vehicles which can pass from the ground to the air and water with veils, small wheels and complicated mechanical devices. Its art reflects instability and symbolism. It is endowed with a creativity astonishing and overflowing. The discovery of its pictorial universe is a true voyage in the fantastic one. The decoration is made turns and castles and even the style, sometimes, voluntarily imitates the Middle Ages. But the creatures leave the walls and especially their ornaments are delicate and required, of a great subtlety. The situations are either funny or poetic but never fixed. The movement is always in the middle of the device, either share of woven wire, or by what the characters manufacture or what they make. Some capture stars of others produce them. Idem for the omnipresent cats and symbols of a femininity very animal and overflowing. 
An great attention is paid to the representation of the costumes strange and like steam, often seeming to always float in the wind but surprising and very decorative. 

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