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Gustav klimt. The Virgin. (1913).

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Gustav klimt. The Virgin. (1913). 190 x 200cm 

The Virgin or the Young Girl illustrates one of the topics expensive with Klimt: the conversion of the virgin into a woman or the loss of virginity at the woman. The picture is circular, similar to a spiral of flowers and decorative ornaments symbolically female. The use of an accumulation of small stylized decorative reasons and the illustration of topics of erotic inspiration are two characteristics of the art of Gustav Klimt. If one concentrates on work one discovers that the central figure seems to sleep but that the bodies on the right and on the left symbolize its open legs and that the dress in the center, with the blue subject, is a male symbol. Here is all the ambiguity of Klimt, to hide behind decorative something which one cannot or which one should not show, especially at its time. 

The point of view of the spectator is at the level of the young woman who sleeps but the glance tends to turn and to follow the rotary movement of work.

The female faces are above the high horizontal tension field, between 2 natural points of interest, as if they wanted to rise towards the sky. The remainder of work in lower part relates to only the dress, the flowers, and the decorative subjects. 

In top faces, in the center the dress and on each sides decorative flowers and elements.

The painting is a large swirl and in its center if one considers the blue elements and greens the scene perhaps considered as dared… A woman, legs opened, offers itself… But this reading is difficult and dissimulated by the multitude of the colors.

Details : 

As often at Klimt, especially for the faces, the drawing is precise and the model is very delicately represented.

The form of green color and red makes think of the body of a man who intertwines the woman in lower part. 

The floral subject of the dress, all in roundness and spirals are very female.

Light : Work seems enlightened of in circular top of way.

Colors : Contrast between hot and cold colors. Contrast between complementary colors.

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