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Jacopo Robusti says Tintoret. The Origin of the Milky Way. 1570.

Wishing to make immortal his Hercules son, Jupiter decides to nourish it milk of the Junon goddess, queen of the skies, its sister and also his wife, identified with the Greek goddess Héra, from where the name of Hercules in Greek, Héraclès : " the glory of Héra ". However Hercules is continued all his life by the hatred of Héra, marries of Zeus, drunk of jealousy and anger because of the perpetual inaccuracies of her husband. Hercules is indeed the fruit of the union of the Alcmène queen and Zeus (Jupiter). The escaped milk of its centre is at the origin of the creation of the Milky Way and the name of our galaxy.

The painter, who expresses in this scene all the dimension of his talent of colorist, lays out his characters in various directions to create the illusion of celestial space. This complex composition makes it possible to insufflate with the vitality unit and expressivity.

The figure of Jupiter, represented in short cut and diagonal, still accentuates the dynamism of work.