The National Gallery of Art. Washington. United State. 


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The National Gallery of Art. Washington. United State. 

Opened in 1941 the National Gallery of Arts owes to its creation in Andrew H Melon former Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury. In 1837 it bequeaths its personal collection to the US government and proposes to finance the construction of a museum to shelter works. The building is of style neo-classic, out of marble, length 239 m and equipped with a large central rotunda. The museum exclusively shelters works coming from private gifts. Among the preserved major paintings it is necessary to quote the Worship of the Magi of Fra Angelico, the Crowning of the Virgin of Domenico Veneziano, the Annunciation of Van Eyck, the Portrait of Ginevra de Benci by Léonardo da Vinci, the Woman with the balance of Vermeer and Mrs Moitessier of Ingres.On finds there also paintings of Greco, Lucas Cranach the Old, of Vélasquez, Goya, Boucher, Gainsborough, Géricault, Millet, Gauguin, Monet, Manet and many American artists of the 19th century. In the wing, is connected to the western part by an underground gallery, are exposed works of Picasso, Bonnard, Kandinsky, Hopper, Willem de Kooning, Motherwell, Roy Lichtenstein, Mark Rothko and Frank Stella. 
The National Gallery of Art contains on the whole more than 55.000 works.