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Juan Fermin Gonzalez Morales. The Winner. 2005.

on Canvas. 2
Oil on Canvas. 20 x 16 cm. 0 x 16 cm. 

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Video : The Little Market Guatemala.

Juan Fermin Gonzalez Morales. The Winner. Oil on Canvas. 20 x 16 cm. 2005.

In popular festivity of the villages of Europe and South America there exists a traditional play practiced for a long time : the greasy pole. It is a question of going up in top of a post (at the beginning a tree) to recover what is suspended, delicacies, food, ham, toys or money. The post smoothest possible, and is often coated with animal or vegetable grease or soap. At the top the batches are on a wheel or a table out of wooden fixed on a tree as the painting of Pieter Brueghel shows it the old one (1567). The picture of Goya (1787) watch a child climbing a tree. Historically it is with the Parisian parish of Saint-Leu Saint-Gilles that the first known greasy pole is drawn up on September 1st, 1426 street with geese with for trophy… a goose. 
In Guatemala this kind of table seen of in top is very frequent, this style is commonly called Vista de pajaro (seen of bird). 
Juan Fermin Gonzales Morales was one of the first to use this prospect and remained faithful there. As much of Mayas young men, Juan Fermin, during the periods agitated and violent of Guatemala was installed of force and spent much time in the helicopters of the army. The idea of this prospect comes from this experiment. The artist testifies to the life of the Mayas Indians in the campaigns a not very common manner. 

For this scene the point of view the spectator located at the top of the action causes a spectacular effect. This prospect returns well the effect height and of giddiness. 

The face of gaining and the batch are on the higher tension field between 2 natural points of interest.

Work is structured in 4 levels. On the first level ground, on the second level the children who look of in bottom, on the 3rd level gaining it on the 4th level the bundle of tickets and the hand of the character.

The painting can be reduced to simple geometrical forms, a triangle for the mast, of the more or less large circles for the faces looking to the top, the hats and even the shades.

Details : 

Contrary to the work of Pieter Brueghel the Old one (1567) or the batches consist of food it is money which is to be win here.

Within sight of the gesture of the man and glance of the woman it seems well that they are the parents of the winner.

It is a mast or a post which the boy climbing. In the painting of Goya (1787) the children go up to a tree.

Light : To underline the effect of prospect the light also comes from in top.


Harmonize and contrasts.
Contrast between hot and cold colours. Contrast between complementary.

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