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Video : World Music 2020. Cee-Roo.


The Van Gogh Projects.


Cézanne. The Way towards the Abstraction.



The 3 essential Art videos of Summer 2019 !



How Mashups changes Cinema. 



Anne Vignau. Freshness. 06. 2019. 

Impressionism is always alive ! 

Education and Pictorial Art :
World classification
and French Academies.

Vassily Kandinsky. Composition 6. 1913. 

Paul Cezanne. The Card Players 
or the Way towards the Abstraction. 

Analysis and study of the painting.


Zao Wou-Ki. The Painter 2 times between 2 Worlds ! 
4.01.1962. Analysis and study of the picture.


Turner impressionist 45 years before Impressionism ! 

William Turner, The Harbour of Dieppe. 1826.


The Beaudier Painter. Flowers of Fire. Structurellism.
Analysis of the painting.



Many artists took again the fresco 
Guernica of Picasso to add colour there. 
We have find innumerable examples of them on the Web. 

Works more or less are successful, 
certain attempts are even rather whimsical. 
Works which keep coherence in let 
us tons are most interesting. See here.






The triptychs of Hieronymus Bosch are populated 
by strange animals and abnormal beings, 
sometimes hybrid, 
whose body is of a species and the head of another, at which end ? 

Are these odd animals, often abnormal,
the allies of the men or their enemies ? From which do they come ? 

Which is their origin ? How does they arrive 
in the fantastic world of Bosch and for which reason ?

Follow us throughout this enthralling investigation in 
the middle of the religious beliefs of the Middle Ages but 
also with deepest of unconscious human and its symbolism. 

It is difficult to understand something in the characters 
of the triptychs of Hieronymus Bosch 
if you do not have the code… 

Hieronymus Bosch. (1450-1516). 
The Garden of Earthly Delights.  
(1480-1490). Triptych. 


Kani Alavi. It happened in November. 1996. Fresco. 
Street Art. 10m X 4,50m. On line : october 7. 2016.
It happened on November 9th, 1989, the wall 
which separates Berlin opens…


Luminism in Belgium. The Belgian Luminists Painters.

Impressionism, throughout the world, gave rise to various 
derived movements, into Belgium, 
it is transformed into luminism which is a 
specifically Belgian adjustment 
of this concept of French origin.

Paradoxically one can say that the post-impressionism reached 
Belgium before impressionism. 

The pointillism and the Flemish tradition of fidelity to nature, 
the use of colors full with light, close 
to the fauvism are the characteristics 
of the Belgian luminism.

Vincent Van Gogh.
The Starry Night. (1889).

John Everett Millais. (1829 - 1896). 
Ophelia. (1852).


Gustav Klimt. The Kiss. (1907-1908).


Marc Chagall. The Bride
(La Mariée). (1950). 

Edward Robert Hughes (1851 - 1914). 
Midsummer Eve. (1908). 


Pablo Picasso. The Old Guitarist. (1903). 
Blue period.



Vincent Van Gogh
Starry Night Over the Rhone. (1888). 


Jan Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring. (1665). 
or the Mona Lisa of North.

John William Waterhouse
The Lady of Shalott (1888).


Andrew Wyeth.  Christina’s World. (1948). 



Franz Marc (1880-1916). 
Fighting Forms. (1914).


The Great Museums of The World.


Pablo Picasso. (1881-1973).

Picasso Timeline by the Museum Picasso Barcelona.


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The 30 most popular paintings.

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Rubens/Rembrandt: Bethsabée with the Bath. 
(Attention Surprised !)  

Artmix  proposes you to play with the pictures of the Masters. 
, Latour, Brothers  
Le Nain
, Rembrandt...  

Painting-Analysis.com analysis, dissects, carries out the meticulous 
examination of paintings of the Artists, 
the Masters and the Great painters to allow you to modify your glance 
on the painting and pictorial art in general.  

The point of view, the composition and framing, the principles which 
guide the division of the pictures in various parts, the tension fields, 
the hot lines, the natural points of interest of the tables, 
the orientation and the distribution of the light, 
the clear and obscure zones, the small details of the painting, 
all is
revealed to you.

Our teams wonder about the pallet of colors of each painter  
and exposes you its characteristics like their distribution 
on the painting as well as the harmony and the contrast of 
the colors as well as the effects which artist wanted to carry out. 
(Arcimboldo, Monet, Renoir, Murillo, Vinci, Raphaël, Michel-Angel, Turner…)

We are not satisfied to show works : We explain them.

We Also carry out dynamic syntheses on the principal pictorial movements 
to show you which are their origins
which characterizes them, how they evolved/moved, which painters they 
influenced or which artists advanced them. 
, Mannerism, Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Romanticism
, ImpressionismPointillism, Post Impressionism…  
each movement it's approached. 

A good manners to sail on the site is to use the History page 
which has an Interactive Menu 
towards the Painters and the Styles  
by indicating the chronology. 

The broad pictorial topics like the landscape, the still life
the portrait, the self-portrait, religious painting, 
the naked one, the painting of kind are also 
explained to you as well as the way in which they were 
treated by the various schools with the wire of time. 

Additional headings concerning the Museums, the exposures
the galleries, the contemporary painters  
and their works are also proposed to you.

We hope that you will like this site, that you are many to visit it 
and that you will recommend it to your friends.

We seek to fill a quite great vacuum. Europe give to the world 
the great painters and more beautiful pictorial movements  
but with the primary and secondary school syllabus, in Europe, 
nothing is approached or explained as it is unfortunately 
the case for all Beautiful Arts in general. 

Dice today you can send analyzes of paintings which you like  
or the detailed examination of a pictorial movement to your friends. 
(Under the Analyzes are bonds
to send to one friendly. 

We make a point of specifying that nothing replaces the emotion which 
you will feel with a painting of Master in a Museum

The purpose of this site is not to replace them but 
on the contrary to push you to visit them as much as 
possible and to prepare you with the decoding of works  
that you find in Museum.

“ The greatest difficulty in this world it is not our capacity 
to be produced but our reserve to be divided ” . 

Roy Lemon Smith.

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